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NAS Professor Kirby Brown’s book wins award!

NAS is proud to announce that Professor Kirby Brown’s book, Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Cherokee Writing, 1907-1970, was awarded the Thomas J. Lyons prize by the Western Literature Association for the best single-authored book published in Western American literary studies in 2018.

Published by the University of Oklahoma Press and illustrated by Cherokee artist Roy Boney, the book examines how four Cherokee writers–John Milton Oskison, Rachel Caroline Eaton, Rollie Lynn Riggs, and Ruth Muskrat Bronson–variously remembered, imagined, and enacted Cherokee nationhood in the period between Oklahoma statehood in 1907 and tribal reorganization in the early 1970s.

Often read as a period of assimilationist resignation or accommodationist ambivalence, Kirby recovers this period as a rich archive of Cherokee literary and intellectual production with much to teach us about questions of sovereignty, nationhood, citizenship, community, and belonging across Indian Country and Native American and Indigenous Studies today.

Congratulations, Kirby!

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