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UO Language Revitalization Lab: Call for Consultation

Gabriela Pérez Báez, Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and member of Native Strategies, will be setting up a Language Revitalization Lab in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Oregon. Broadly speaking, language revitalization refers to efforts intended to support the use of a language, with a focus on those languages that are endangered.

Dr. Pérez Báez would like to invite anyone to whom the topic of language revitalization is relevant to join her for a consultation towards planning the Language Revitalization Lab. The consultations will be held in the following times and locations:

  • October 11 at 10:30am at the Northwest Indian Language Institute, 1629 Moss St.
  • October 23 at 4pm in the Language Revitalization Lab, 261 Straub

Please let her know at if you are planning to attend one of these consultations, so that she might be prepared for the relevant number of people.

Click here for more on Dr. Pérez Báez’s work.

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